Make your fireplace mantel stand out from the crowd, don’t be one of those people that just let it mould into the background and no one will ever notice it or if they do, it’ll be for the wrong reasons. Be someone who is proud of their fireplace mantel and give people something to look at when they walk into your room!

There are so many different design ideas that are out there that you just have to find! You can choose to design your own and make it unique or if you’re unsure of what you can do, here is a few ideas on how you can make your fireplace mantel stand out (in a good way).

The Symmetry Queen

Symmetry is a great way to make your fireplace mantel stand out. Symmetry makes it look clean and all in the right place. You can do simple things to make your fireplace mantel symmetrical, one of those things would be to hang a circular mirror above it and then place something underneath the mirror that matches the circular shape.

The Minimalist

If you are more of a modern designer, placing objects that are alike on one side of the fireplace mantel can make it look very modern, this is because the visual weight can create a more modern vibe to it and will look less cluttered to what it would look like if you had objects on both sides of the fireplace mantel.

Obsessed with Lighting

Lighting is a great way to show off your fireplace mantel. Having lights above or on top can make it stand out more and will be more likely to draw people’s attention. Sometimes, fireplace mantels aren’t very well lit, which can make them look dull and unattractive. A well lit fireplace will draw attention and will make it hard to not notice the fireplace when you enter the room.

Go Crazy with Paint

If your fireplace mantel is very dull and boring, adding a splash of colour will without a doubt lighten it up and give it more life. Make your fireplace mantel more fun for people to look at instead of it being just one, boring normal colour. With a bold colour, there is then no need to over accessorise your mantel as the colours will definitely be enough.