Fireplace Mantles

If your fireplace mantel is in need of a good freshen up, read this blog post! I have listed below 3 easy ways to refresh your fireplace mantel and get it looking gorgeous again. Sometimes, people don’t understand how to look after fireplaces and they can be just forgotten about in terms of keeping them fresh! So if you’re one of those people, keep reading…

Keep your fireplace mantel fresh

If you like to regularly change your design element as you may get bored of a design easily, a fireplace mantel is a great place to do it. Even little things like fresh flowers being displayed on the mantel would allow you to change them every week to different styles, colours and even changing the vase.

Your favourite art

If you are someone who collects art then displaying them above or on your fireplace mantel is the best place if you want them to be noticed. If you aren’t very artsy, then adding a little art to your mantel, such as a picture frame or a piece of art you found in a shop, can be very exciting and can bring out your room’s decor.

Different shapes that secretively match

Because a fireplace mantel is more than likely designed as a square, adding other shapes is a great way to make your fireplace stand out. Adding circles has shown that you can really change the appearance of your mantel and make it unique. Circles and squares really compliment each other.

So why freshen your mantel piece up?

A fireplace is looked at to be the center of the home. Another name used for a fireplace is a ‘hearth’ which is often referred to as the ‘heart’ of your home as it is the biggest focal point and can be the one thing that can change the whole atmosphere of your home. So because of this, keeping your fireplace mantel refreshed from time to time, is the best thing you can do.

Your fireplace mantel can be seen as a great place to display your story as a homeowner or a story about your home. The fireplace mantel is a place you can express your home and change it regularly to suit your moods or create new atmospheres. Keeping your fireplace fresh is so easy once you know what to do and have ideas.