Decorate your fireplace mantle for every season

Decorating your fireplace mantle to match every season is a great way keep your home alive with different colours. For every season, there is something out there that will remind us of it and an example of this would be winter. When you think about winter, most people’s thoughts instantly think of snow and cold weather.

When someone comes to your home and enters your warm home, the first thing you want them to notice is your fireplace as this is what acts as a focal point. The best way to keep your home looking on trend, beautiful and having everybody talking about it is to dress the fireplace in the season you’re currently in.

For example:


When people think of spring, most people think about nature. Spring is all about blossoming flowers and the birds tweeting on a fresh morning. If you are unsure of what to decorate your fireplace mantel with for spring, then think about all the colours of flowers or even having flowers on your fireplace mantel would look amazing. Green accessories is also always good to have as in spring the grass is always a vivid green so it fits in perfectly.


When people think of summer, most people think of the sun and the sea. Summer is all about the warmth and the soft sands that gently mould around your feet as you walk along the beach. A great idea for a summer fireplace mantel would be seashells gathered from a beach or maybe sailing boat ornaments to give it that sea feel.


What is so beautiful about this season is all the colours that are involved. With all the vibrant reds, golden browns and the vivid oranges, it is a season that is full of colours and bursts or energy. For this season, dressing your mantlepiece is easy, just add oranges, red, browns and yellows and maybe a few pumpkins for Halloween!


Winter is the season when Christmas is on everyone’s mind, as well as all of the snow and cold weather that starts to appear! This season is easy as you can decorate your fireplace with all things white and silver and even reds and light blues too. Tinsel, snowflakes and lots of candles are a really good idea for winter decorations for your fireplace mantle.

All of the above are just my personal style opinions on all of the different seasons. You can decorate your fireplace mantle anyway you like and you can always add your own touch to it. Make your fireplace mantle unique by making it your own style.