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Ideas on how to make your fireplace mantel stand out

Make your fireplace mantel stand out from the crowd, don’t be one of those people that just let it mould into the background and no one will ever notice it or if they do, it’ll be for the wrong reasons. Be someone who is proud of their fireplace mantel and give people something to look at when they walk into your room!

There are so many different design ideas that are out there that you just have to find! You can choose to design your own and make it unique or if you’re unsure of what you can do, here is a few ideas on how you can make your fireplace mantel stand out (in a good way).

The Symmetry Queen

Symmetry is a great way to make your fireplace mantel stand out. Symmetry makes it look clean and all in the right place. You can do simple things to make your fireplace mantel symmetrical, one of those things would be to hang a circular mirror above it and then place something underneath the mirror that matches the circular shape.

The Minimalist

If you are more of a modern designer, placing objects that are alike on one side of the fireplace mantel can make it look very modern, this is because the visual weight can create a more modern vibe to it and will look less cluttered to what it would look like if you had objects on both sides of the fireplace mantel.

Obsessed with Lighting

Lighting is a great way to show off your fireplace mantel. Having lights above or on top can make it stand out more and will be more likely to draw people’s attention. Sometimes, fireplace mantels aren’t very well lit, which can make them look dull and unattractive. A well lit fireplace will draw attention and will make it hard to not notice the fireplace when you enter the room.

Go Crazy with Paint

If your fireplace mantel is very dull and boring, adding a splash of colour will without a doubt lighten it up and give it more life. Make your fireplace mantel more fun for people to look at instead of it being just one, boring normal colour. With a bold colour, there is then no need to over accessorise your mantel as the colours will definitely be enough.

Decorate your fireplace mantle for every season

Decorate your fireplace mantle for every season

Decorating your fireplace mantle to match every season is a great way keep your home alive with different colours. For every season, there is something out there that will remind us of it and an example of this would be winter. When you think about winter, most people’s thoughts instantly think of snow and cold weather.

When someone comes to your home and enters your warm home, the first thing you want them to notice is your fireplace as this is what acts as a focal point. The best way to keep your home looking on trend, beautiful and having everybody talking about it is to dress the fireplace in the season you’re currently in.

For example:


When people think of spring, most people think about nature. Spring is all about blossoming flowers and the birds tweeting on a fresh morning. If you are unsure of what to decorate your fireplace mantel with for spring, then think about all the colours of flowers or even having flowers on your fireplace mantel would look amazing. Green accessories is also always good to have as in spring the grass is always a vivid green so it fits in perfectly.


When people think of summer, most people think of the sun and the sea. Summer is all about the warmth and the soft sands that gently mould around your feet as you walk along the beach. A great idea for a summer fireplace mantel would be seashells gathered from a beach or maybe sailing boat ornaments to give it that sea feel.


What is so beautiful about this season is all the colours that are involved. With all the vibrant reds, golden browns and the vivid oranges, it is a season that is full of colours and bursts or energy. For this season, dressing your mantlepiece is easy, just add oranges, red, browns and yellows and maybe a few pumpkins for Halloween!


Winter is the season when Christmas is on everyone’s mind, as well as all of the snow and cold weather that starts to appear! This season is easy as you can decorate your fireplace with all things white and silver and even reds and light blues too. Tinsel, snowflakes and lots of candles are a really good idea for winter decorations for your fireplace mantle.

All of the above are just my personal style opinions on all of the different seasons. You can decorate your fireplace mantle anyway you like and you can always add your own touch to it. Make your fireplace mantle unique by making it your own style.

Make your fireplace mantel more personal

Because a fireplace is often known as the heart of every home, a fireplace becomes your focal point. A focal point is the first thing that people notice when they walk into a room so, you want that focal point to be perfect. People often struggle with what to put on a fireplace mantel as there is so much choice.

Making a fireplace mantel more personal can really make your home feel more like your own. Adding things that mean something to you can make it special and not just an ordinary focal point. It can also become a talking point as when people enter the room, they will want to know the story behind what’s sitting on the top of the mantel.

Your personal collections

Have you got anything that you seem to be drawn to? Such as, teacups? Maybe you love vintage teacups and you have collected a few over the years. This is often known as collecting. You like something specific so you collect more like them. Placing your collections on the top of a fireplace mantel will showcase your favourite collections and will also tell a story about the kind of person you are.

Specific designs

You may live in a certain area that could have a lot of snow at the present moment or you may live out in the country on a farm or maybe you have even visited somewhere before that you will always want to go back again. Wherever it is, a good idea would be to make your home like that place. Add things to the fireplace mantel that remind you of that place and you may just be able to visualise that place every time you look over at your fire.

Your story

Tell a story about yourself, your home or something you love by adding things that represent it. Like a hobby maybe, you can add things that you’re proud of, that you have achieved or adding a picture of someone special. Make it your fireplace mantel and have things on their that tell a story that you care about, that you love or something you are so proud of.

Does your fireplace mantel need a freshen up?

Fireplace Mantles

If your fireplace mantel is in need of a good freshen up, read this blog post! I have listed below 3 easy ways to refresh your fireplace mantel and get it looking gorgeous again. Sometimes, people don’t understand how to look after fireplaces and they can be just forgotten about in terms of keeping them fresh! So if you’re one of those people, keep reading…

Keep your fireplace mantel fresh

If you like to regularly change your design element as you may get bored of a design easily, a fireplace mantel is a great place to do it. Even little things like fresh flowers being displayed on the mantel would allow you to change them every week to different styles, colours and even changing the vase.

Your favourite art

If you are someone who collects art then displaying them above or on your fireplace mantel is the best place if you want them to be noticed. If you aren’t very artsy, then adding a little art to your mantel, such as a picture frame or a piece of art you found in a shop, can be very exciting and can bring out your room’s decor.

Different shapes that secretively match

Because a fireplace mantel is more than likely designed as a square, adding other shapes is a great way to make your fireplace stand out. Adding circles has shown that you can really change the appearance of your mantel and make it unique. Circles and squares really compliment each other.

So why freshen your mantel piece up?

A fireplace is looked at to be the center of the home. Another name used for a fireplace is a ‘hearth’ which is often referred to as the ‘heart’ of your home as it is the biggest focal point and can be the one thing that can change the whole atmosphere of your home. So because of this, keeping your fireplace mantel refreshed from time to time, is the best thing you can do.

Your fireplace mantel can be seen as a great place to display your story as a homeowner or a story about your home. The fireplace mantel is a place you can express your home and change it regularly to suit your moods or create new atmospheres. Keeping your fireplace fresh is so easy once you know what to do and have ideas.

Choosing a fireplace mantel: Which type would suit you best?

Fireplaces mantels are what really makes a fireplace stand out from the ordinary designs. As well as a fireplace mantel being a design that shows off your fireplace, it also serves a functional purpose too. A mantel is a great place to bring out your designer side by placing ornaments, books, candles or any other object on there and making it look beautiful.

Fireplace mantels come in many different types of styles, from contemporary and elegant to a more natural and rustic feel. Because there is so much choice, it can be hard to choose what fireplace mantel is best for you and it can be hard to even know what styles are actually out there. I created this blog to share with you some materials and style choices you can choose for your fireplace mantel.

  • Brick fireplace mantels – When you decide to have a brick fireplace mantel, you can decide what style you want just by choosing the type of brick and choosing what colour brick to have. The best thing about brick is you can make many different looks with it.

  • Wood fireplace mantels – Wood fireplace mantels are the most popular as they are easier to work with than most other materials and wood is one of the most affordable. Wood is easy to carve so it’s a great choice if you want to make a shape with it and you can even paint it or stain the wood.

  • Marble fireplace mantels – If you are aiming for a more elegant fireplace mantle, marble is definitely the best option for you. Marble creates a very rich style with its colours and will make a room look more sophisticated. Marble is also well known for it’s durability and longevity, hence why it is so expensive.
  • Stone fireplace mantels – Stone fireplace mantels are perfect for homes as they are ridiculously hard to break, meaning they can last for years and years without damage. The best thing about stone is you can really create a natural appearance if you use the right type of stone.
  • Tile fireplace mantels – Tiles can be found in so many different shapes, sizes, colours and styles. When a fireplace mantel is finished with tiles, it can make it look elegant and contemporary making it great for a modern style home. You can also make this look beautiful in a more old fashioned home too, just by using a different style of tile.

There are many different materials you can use to create your fireplace mantel, just make sure that you get the right style. You want your fireplace to stand out so by creating a fireplace mantel that suits its surroundings is crucial in order to do this.