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The importance of a hearth rug

When you own a fireplace, especially a fireplace with an open fire, you should really invest in extras that are there for your health and safety. With the weather rapidly changing, people are starting to light up their fires in order to stay warm as this starts to be their first priority. But, most people don’t understand what safety measures should be taken when a fire is lit and don’t always have the right equipment.

Why a hearth rug is necessary

With an open fire, you get sparks and embers that naturally spit out when a fire is lit. If you do not have a fireplace screen to stop the fire spitting, then the sparks and embers can burn your carpet or wood flooring. A hearth rug being placed in front of your fireplace will prevent any harm towards your flooring and as a hearth rug is fire resistant, the sparks and embers will just burnout without causing any damage.

Safety comes first

While it is important for everyone to keep their homes warm, it is even more important to keep everyone safe too. Fireplace extras are essential when it comes to the safety of open fires and hearth rugs are definitely a priority. Hearth rugs that are fibreglass are the best fireplace extras you can buy as, if they were to set fire, they would just melt and wouldn’t actually burn.


Fireplace extras are so important as they can prevent any damage coming to yourself, those around you and also your home itself. As well as hearth rugs protecting your carpet or wooden floor from damage and possibly fires, it is also a beautiful addition to your fireplace. As an fire extra, it can make your fireplace stand out even more and can be a great add on to your stunning focal point.

Make your fireplace mantel more personal

Because a fireplace is often known as the heart of every home, a fireplace becomes your focal point. A focal point is the first thing that people notice when they walk into a room so, you want that focal point to be perfect. People often struggle with what to put on a fireplace mantel as there is so much choice.

Making a fireplace mantel more personal can really make your home feel more like your own. Adding things that mean something to you can make it special and not just an ordinary focal point. It can also become a talking point as when people enter the room, they will want to know the story behind what’s sitting on the top of the mantel.

Your personal collections

Have you got anything that you seem to be drawn to? Such as, teacups? Maybe you love vintage teacups and you have collected a few over the years. This is often known as collecting. You like something specific so you collect more like them. Placing your collections on the top of a fireplace mantel will showcase your favourite collections and will also tell a story about the kind of person you are.

Specific designs

You may live in a certain area that could have a lot of snow at the present moment or you may live out in the country on a farm or maybe you have even visited somewhere before that you will always want to go back again. Wherever it is, a good idea would be to make your home like that place. Add things to the fireplace mantel that remind you of that place and you may just be able to visualise that place every time you look over at your fire.

Your story

Tell a story about yourself, your home or something you love by adding things that represent it. Like a hobby maybe, you can add things that you’re proud of, that you have achieved or adding a picture of someone special. Make it your fireplace mantel and have things on their that tell a story that you care about, that you love or something you are so proud of.